Saturday, 30 May 2015

The writing on the wall

I don't know whether it's plausible that a Cabinet Minister would leak what appears to be an entire transcript of a cabinet meeting - possibly it's just a deleted scene from House of Cards with the names changed, which is certainly what it reads like. The contempt Abbot displays here towards his voters, his ministers, and rudimentary constitutional principles is truly appalling.

The political henchmen of the 0.1% are systematically dismantling the basic constitutional principles that prevent the arbitrary use of state violence against their citizens, and their citizens are kept willfully ignorant of our steady institutional decline by a complicit media, repeating government press releases verbatim (no time for journalism with a 15-second news cycle) which frame these changes - which are taking place simultaneously (if at varying pace) in every English-speaking country in the world - as matters of national security.

The irony is that they are matters of security. The security of the few against the many. They've seen the writing on the wall. They know that their global ponzi scheme can't survive another recession. They know the chaos and desperation that our changing climate is bringing upon the world's populations. They're preparing for class warfare on a global scale, and doing everything in their power to keep the rest of us oblivious and unprepared.

It'll soon be too late to change course. While there's still any chance at all, we must try - billions of lives hang in the balance. But we must also start preparing ourselves and each other for what's coming if we fail.

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